Have you been hearing of CBD lately in the news?

  • Celebrities and Influencers from Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Montell Williams to Joe Rogan are talking about CBD in the media. 
  • Major Retailer Target sold CW Hemp on their retail site. 
  • Major food companies are now adding hemp products to their brands.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling CBD?

  1. Attract more people to your business- CBD is HOT right now and people want local places they can walk in and purchase at.  
  2. Make more money- With our wholesale program you will get 40% off an already very AFFORDABLE retail price. 
  3. It has CHANGED countless lives-   Its definitely changed ours and so many of our customers as well. 

Why Choose HempConnex?

  • Products made out of high quality organic ingredients and processed in an APPROVED manufacturing facility in Colorado.
  • Our products are HIGH quality, VERY affordable, and have a clean professional design.
  • Our products contain 0% THC.  See Independent Lab Test Results HERE
  • Create a free landing page on our site with your business. We track the visitor and you earn 40% commissions deposited right into your bank account. 
  • Make 10% over rides on other wholesale accounts you refer. 
  • Work with a brand who Truly Cares about what they are doing. See Our Full Story HERE!

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