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Vape Connex

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Vape Connex is our all-natural hemp-derived vaporizer cartridge. Vape Connex is free of harmful PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG(Vegetable Glycerin), and our blend contains just 3 simple ingredients:

  • All Natural Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Rich-MCT Oil
  • Flavorful Terpenes
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Vape Connex is our all-natural hemp-derived vaporizer cartridge. Vape Connex is free of harmful PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG(Vegetable Glycerin), and our blend contains just 3 simple ingredients:

  • All Natural Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Rich-MCT Oil
  • Flavorful Terpenes

Vape cartridge comes pre-filled with 1 ml of our custom formulated vape mix. Our new prefilled cartridges are designed to work with any universal 510 battery thread.

We hope and plan to come out with more refillable style vapes in the near future.


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250MG, 500MG

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1. So how does Vape Connex provide users with a fast, powerful, and instant relief?

Vaping is known as one of the most highly bioavailable forms to ingest hemp. This is because oral remedies have to be processed by our gut and less gets absorbed into our blood stream. With vaping we bypass the gut and the vapor is processed by receptor sites found on our lungs.

2. So what does that practically mean for users?

Since vaping is more bioavailable you are able to take less of a dose and still achieve the same great results.


Susan is taking 20 mg of Hemp Extract every day by tincture. She likes vaping and decides she wants to try the vape instead. She will probably only need 8-14 mg of Hemp Extract to see the same results as 20 mg that she was taking.

3. So is Vaping always a better option?

This comes down to personal preference. For instance, our Daily Connex product contains Hemp Seed Oil and more of a full spectrum Hemp Extract. The combination and synergy of these plant compounds working together produce amazing results together.

There is no right or wrong answer for the best and they both are great and unique products and really just comes down to user preference.

4. What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is one of over 60+ natural compounds that are found in the hemp plant. When properly extracted, hemp extract can be used in hemp extract oil, hemp extract vape juice, and other products to treat a wide range of ailments such as stress, anxietyepilepsy, depression and more. Because the industry is still rather new, there hasn’t been any official medical claims about these benefits, however, research has linked hemp extract to the improvement of many serious conditions. The testimonials of those who have personally experienced hemp extract is further evidence providing the benefits of hemp extract. At hemp extract Origin, we strongly believe in the wonders of hemp extract ; and in the years to come, we are confident that many more people will experience the benefits of hemp extract, and eventually, it will become a widely recognized, and official method to treat a wide variety of ailments. Soon, instead of asking “What is hemp extract?” people will be asking, “Where can I get hemp extract?”

5. Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Many assume that because hemp oil comes from the marijuana plant, it is illegal. That is not the case at all In a recent clarification, the DEA did state that all extracts of the hemp plant, including hemp extract, are federally illegal; however state laws on hemp extract vary from state to state. While THC is still fighting for state legality, hemp extract is legal in 44 of the United States (possession, sales, and distribution specifics of each state law will vary from state to state), and because it does not contain any psychoactive properties like THC, cases involving hemp extract have been much less severe than those involving THC. As research continues, and the evidence that hemp extract provides numerous benefits and imposes no harm to us stacks up, we predict that not only will hemp extract become legal in all 50 states, but federally as well. For more information about the legality of hemp extract, read this article from our friends at Hemp Extract Origin.

6. Is Hemp Oil Safe?

Yes! Not only are our products made from the finest, all-natural ingredients, hemp oil will cause no psychoactive effects! If you do have a specific medical condition, we would advise you get approval from your medical physician before taking hemp or any new supplement.


Lab Results

CLICK HERE to receive your copy of our 3rd Party Test Results.

3 reviews for Vape Connex

  1. Don Pagala
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Doc (verified owner)

    This product is the BEST non-prescription pain relief vape on the market hands down! It works fast and results are immediate and long-lasting. This HCX Vape Cartridge is way above the competition and has the right combination of ingredients to do what it claims. I can’t overemphasize the effectiveness of this vape for chronic pain management. This is the best method to get CBD into your body by bypassing the digestive system, and it requires less than other methods of ingestion. Buy this and you won’t regret it!

  2. Geoffrey Rogers
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Geoffrey Rogers

    I actually started vaping in 2016 to stop smoking since every dr was telling me that smoking is only making my problems worse. So when I got the VapeConnex cartridge, I was like I have everything I need for it. It works in under 5 minutes and it lasts for about 3-5 hours depending on how much I use. The one con that I have with it is that I’m not sure how many milligrams I’m getting per puff. I generally take 3 puffs during the day, especially when I have to go somewhere that will cause my anxiety to go up. I’ll take a puff and hold it for a second or two and then exhale. It works for my anxiety, muscle tension, and just puts me in a relaxed mood. Thanks HempConnex for such wonderful products.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ray Paz

    Bought one of these carts (500 mg) at the Indo Expo a few weeks ago from a nice couple who also happened to be the owners. Really enjoyed the flavor. So much so, that I would puff on it throughout the day. Also love to support local family owned business.

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