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Chill Pills Capsules

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Chill Pills are the easiest way to get your daily dosage of our premium hemp oil. If you're experiencing any pain, stress, or anxiety, or aren't a fan of hemp oil's natural flavor, then maybe you just need to take a Chill Pill!

  • Container includes 30 premium hemp oil capsules
  • Made from 3 simple ingredients: industrial hemp, rich MCT oil, benefit-packed terpenes
  • Fast-acting and convenient to use
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Chill Pills are the easiest way to get your daily dosage of our premium hemp oil. If you’re experiencing any pain, stress, or anxiety, or aren’t a fan of hemp oil’s natural flavor, then maybe you just need to take a Chill Pill!

There are 30 Chill Pills in each bottle. One chill pill contains 25 mg of full-spectrum Active Hemp Extract* therefore resulting in 750 mg of Active Hemp Extract* per bottle. This Hemp oil is a “whole plant” extract derived from Industrial Hemp and means the entire plant is used during the production process. Using the entire plant means harnessing the benefits of the naturally occurring compounds  found in the hemp plant.

Together with MCT oil and rich Hemp Seed oil, derived from the same plant, this formulation will give you a sense of calm while connecting your mind and body, and keeping any aches and pains away so you can keep pace with your kiddos.

Additionally, the inclusion of MCT oil and Hemp Seed Oil, assists with better overall absorption in the body. Finally, HempConnex Daily Connex contains no artificial sweeteners, sugar, or other additives.


1. What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol, is one of over 60+ natural compounds that are found in the hemp plant. When properly extracted, CBD can be used in CBD oilCBD vape juice, and other products to treat a wide range of ailments such as stress, anxietyepilepsy, depression and more. Because the industry is still rather new, there hasn’t been any official medical claims about these benefits, however, research has linked CBD to the improvement of many serious conditions. The testimonials of those who have personally experienced CBD is further evidence providing the benefits of CBD. At CBD Origin, we strongly believe in the wonders of CBD; and in the years to come, we are confident that many more people will experience the benefits of CBD, and eventually, it will become a widely recognized, and official method to treat a wide variety of ailments. Soon, instead of asking “What is CBD?” people will be asking, “Where can I get CBD?”

2. Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Many assume that because hemp oil comes from the marijuana plant, it is illegal. That is not the case at all In a recent clarification, the DEA did state that all extracts of the hemp plant, including CBD, are federally illegal; however state laws on CBD vary from state to state. While THC is still fighting for state legality, CBD is legal in 44 of the United States (possession, sales, and distribution specifics of each state law will vary from state to state), and because it does not contain any psychoactive properties like THC, cases involving CBD have been much less severe than those involving THC. As research continues, and the evidence that CBD provides numerous benefits and imposes no harm to us stacks up, we predict that not only will CBD become legal in all 50 states, but federally as well. For more information about the legality of CBD, read this article from our friends at CBD Origin.

3. Is Hemp Oil Safe?

Yes! Not only are our products made from the finest, all-natural ingredients, hemp oil will cause no psychoactive effects! If you do have a specific medical condition, we would advise you get approval from your medical physician before taking hemp or any new supplement.


Lab Results

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2 reviews for Chill Pills Capsules

  1. Kacie Wright
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Kacie Wrigth

    Easiest way to take this daily! Makes a huge difference in how I feel!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren Carel

    These pills are amazing! I started taking these daily and it is so convenient! They help me with my pain and my severe migraines! I’m recovering from a STBI (brain injury) and the CBD Tincture along with taking one CBD capsule daily has saved my life! If I forget to use the tincture, I still have the CBD built up in my system by taking these daily! Definitely don’t give up if they don’t work immediately – it does take a little time.

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