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What ingredients do we put into our product?

Our product has very simple ingredients. We use the full Hemp plant made with seeds bread high in CBD content for full medicinal effects along with MCT Oil or coconut oil to help with better absorption. Additionally, they’re flavored with all-natural non-sweetened orange and mint flavors. We wanted our product to be simple and clean. That’s why we stay away from extra additives or sweeteners that can take away from the plant’s intended use.

Using the whole plant in the process gives us the full-compound make up of the plant.

Their are 3 compounds that make up the plant – cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural oils, lipids, and fats.

The most researched is the cannabinoid compound. There are over 100 that we have found so far and only 7-10 that we truly understand.

The two most popular are THC and CBD – THC being the most popular and the one that gives you the “high” or psychoactive feeling.

CBD is becoming more widely-researched due to its success and trials. It is also the one our product focuses on.

It has no psychoactive properties and doesn’t give you a “high” feeling.

Everyone’s body has a endocannabinoid system with CBD 1 and CBD 2 receptors.

Due to high stress and an overstimulated environment, our systems are typically deficient in cannabinoids.

With this integral system in the body not working properly, it causes the other major systems to have issues and responses as well.

Our product is meant to supplement the naturally occurring cannabinoids in our system.

We feel this puts your body into homeostasis and helps bring a sense of calm and balance back to life.

Terpenes are another major compound found in the plant.

Terpenes are like essential oils and there are many different types found in the plant all with different effects.

The hemp oil that is leftover for example has numerous benefits to your body and skin.

It contains essential nutrients our bodies use that we are normally deficient in.

When combined, these compounds provide a synergy between them and increase the efficacy of the plant.

This is why we chose to keep a full spectrum blend for our products with the whole plant being used in each bottle.

We view the human body as a wonderfully complex and intricately designed system that works together.

Just like you car being out of alignment will affect the entire car, we believe that one system out of place can have implications on the others.

How to Use Our Product and Ways to Mix It

First off, there is no need to mix our product with anything and it works perfectly fine by taking the dropper and squirting it out under your tongue or on your tongue.

Some people find the taste a little strong at first and like to mix the product.

We have come up with a few ideas on how to mix the product that will result in a great taste.

The first option is the electrolyte water we use for us and the kids to stay hydrated. It is sweetened with stevia, has good ingredients, and a great taste.

We mix one scoop in 12 to 20 ounces of water (Depending on how sweet you like it) then we add 1-2 full droppers of oil.

Just shake, put on ice, and enjoy!

Other great drink mix options are tea and coffee.

Our product can be added to both hot and cold drinks.

Adding some mint Daily Connex to your coffee in the morning will give you a nice calm energy throughout the day.

We also like to make some hot tea at night and mix our product with honey and apple cider vinegar if you are up to the challenge.

If you know of a great and healthy way to mix our products, then please let us know on social media.

We’d love to hear how you guys like to mix Daily Connex.How to Use Our Product and Ways to Mix ItHow to Use Our Product and Ways to Mix It

How do I know how much to take?

Dosages can be tricky as no two people have the same exact body makeup.

A great example is the way that caffeine works well for some people while causing extreme anxiety and nervousness in others.

It’s definitely a product that you can experiment with when it comes to serving sizes that are right for you.

There is one rule of thumb we’ll give you when it comes to general guidelines and dosage recommendations.

From researching and speaking with some experts in the field, I have heard a great place to start is by incorporating 1mg for every 10lbs of body weight.

Our product contains 8.33 mg of CBD per dropper in the 500 mg dosage and 16.67 mg per dropper in the 1000 mg bottle for reference points.

Factors that would change or vary the dosage amount are; severity of the reason you are taking the supplement, external environmental factors (such as a high stress job), and your body’s unique mechanics and current state.

The more stressful and the more serious issues you are dealing with, the higher the dose may be.

Our suggestion is to start off with 1mg per 10lbs and build on it each day until you notice the benefits.

Keep in mind that some research mentions 250-500 mg or higher dosages at one time depending on the person.

But some people see great results with just 10 mg a day.

Make sure to track your usage and dosage times and reflect on them each night to adjust accordingly as needed.

Below is a dosage tracking chart that you can print and use to track your dosage and how you feel.

How we make our products and how we chose our suppliers

We wanted everyone we worked with to share our core values and overall goals.

We had two basic criteria we looked at:

1) How and Why they got into their business and what their story was?
2) We also wanted to see some of their work.

We looked for people’s motives and reasons behind why they got into their trade and then looked at the level of detail each individual showed through their work.

We did this to make sure every part of the process had all the details looked over through the lens of our core values and our brand.

From my experience in the past, with business, you must make sure that everything you do and are a part of is a reflection you would like others to see.

Make sure to take care of others and treat others as you wish to be treated.

You are sure to end up somewhere in your business or life in the next 2-3 years.

If you want the life or business you are envisioning, then you must be intentional about EVERYTHING You do!


Our suppliers were super important to us because of our core values on quality, reliability, and overall health knowledge.

We chose a company that specializes in seed genetics and they focus on the beginnings of the plant.

They farm locally in a town in Colorado using organic practices in a great environment for growing.

They have grown their company internally and keep the entire process in-house.

Their employees seemed happy to be at work and loved what they did.

They extract the WHOLE plant and package the products by hand in a small mountain town in Colorado.

Most importantly they care about what they do and the impact it is having on others and the world.

They know that what they do can have a huge impact on others and are excited to wake up and go to work each day.

I can respect and appreciate that from anyone

We vow to continue to keep the highest quality standards and support businesses who are doing things for the right reasons.

How Our Product Impacted Our Life and Why You Should Take It

Simply put, the product has restored a balance in our body systems.

I am an active, competitive, husband, and a dad of two small kids

I like to workout, be active, and play with the kids as much as I can.

It was tough to maintain the energy to do everything especially if I was sore from a workout or had aches and pains.

I played sports growing up and didn’t take care of my body as good as I should have. This left me with sore joints, tight muscles, and pain.

The biggest noticeable impact was the pain relief.

Not only in my muscles, joints, and tissue, but also for things like a headache or any pain in general.

I noticed less overall inflammation, which made me feel better while keeping my energy up.

The next major benefit we have seen is the overall sense of calm our product gives you.

Our endocannabinoid systems are closely tied to our nervous systems.

There are studies that have shown when you have a healthy endocanabinoid system, your nervous system functions better as well.

This is why they say many people experience a sense of calm and nervous system issues like seizures tend to go down when taking CBD.

So why should you take it?

Simply put, it’s a great supplement for something that most people are VERY deficient in.

Studies and research have shown that when deficient, our bodies start to break down and sickness, disease, and symptoms start to kick in.

Aside from the research, I have personally seen it touch my life and the lives of many others.

My mom has worked with kids who had seizures that go away immediately when they administer cannabis oil, along with countless videos all over the internet.

I have heard from people who had experienced the start of Alzheimer’s only to find themselves brought back to a normal mind.

I have met people who have had cancer that tried numerous things that didn’t work and swear that this saved their life.

I will continue to post links to great articles and there are countless stories and videos on the internet when you do the research.

There is no magic article, video, or information that led us into CBD.

It was an innocent discovery, personal experience, and the countless stories from people around the world that have had their lives changed thanks to CBD.

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