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  1. Look for your “Referral URL” directly above.
    *NOTE- It will have your affiliate ID in the URL(link)
  2. Simply give people your Unique URL(link) and it will track visitors and sales. You can copy and paste your Unique URL(link) on your own social media to customize the marketing for your audience.

Create Your Own CUSTOM page on our Site:

Get your own page on our site with your unique CBD story and health journey. Simply give out the page link to friends and family and it will track visitors and buying history for everyone who clicks on your link. To get started please email us the answers to the following questions:

  1. How did you hear about CBD?
  2. How has it impacted your life?
  3. Why did you sign up with our company to help sell our products?
  4. Send us a picture.

We then will create your own custom landing page on our site that you can give out and earn commissions.

To create your own simply email our Affiliate director Carol at carol@hempconnex.com. Please feel free to send any questions to her as well.


We set our affiliate program up for raving fans who love our community and sharing our product. We want to acknowledge and thank our fans by giving them a discount code to use for their orders and to give out to family and friends to receive affiliate commissions.


Affiliates get 20% off online retails prices through their account. Affiliates can use this 20% towards:
1) Personal product purchases.
2) Earn commissions for people that buy through their unique link.
Affiliates also have the option to generate unique links to our website through their account, and track purchases from their unique link.
We are then able to track and pay commissions to affiliates for helping us promote and sell the product.


1) Post 5 times a month and tag back Hempconnex through any one of our social media accounts.
2) Maintain 3 sales a month through you link INCLUDING your own purchases.

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