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Our Hemp Oil Products

Premium Hemp Oil Products Crafted to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Daily Connex

250-500MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


  • Supports a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Rich MCT-oil and Terpenes Blend
  • All-Natural, Vegan, and Organic

Daily Connex Extra Strength

1000MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


  • Extra Strength and Fast-Acting
  • Rich MCT-oil and Terpenes Blend
  • All-Natural, Vegan, and Organic

Pet Connex

250MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pets


  • Designed Specifically for Pets
  • Relieves Chronic Pain and Arthritis
  • Promotes Health and Longevity

Chill Pills

25MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules


  • Easy, Casual and Convenient
  • Benefits of FS Hemp Extract without the        Taste
  • More Accurate for Dosing

Agape Body Spray

Premium Hemp Oil Body Moisturizing Spray


  • Provides Nourishment and Moisture
  • Naturally Heals and Prevents Scarring
  • Relieves Chronic Pain in the Body

Vape Connex

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Vape Cartridges


  • All Natural and Free of PG and VG
  • Premium Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Works with any 510 Battery Thread

Real People. Real Stories

I have been taking this product for almost a month now. I'm now completely off of my blood pressure medication, no more back pain, and I have been sleeping so much better at night! Thank you, Matt and Courtney, for introducing me to the amazing product!

Jon Wright

I LOVE hempconnex. It's has helped majorly with my stress, anxiety, and sleep. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night since I've had my baby but now I sleep the entire night a full 8-10 hours without any disruption. My anxiety level is way down I've gotten off all anti- anxiety meds that's I took atleast 1-2 times per week. Thank you hempconnex.

Jess Welte

I am amazed at what one small change in my life has made for my health- mentally & physically. I am so grateful for this company & their products!

Aubrey Tinnin

One Generation Plants the Trees
Another Enjoys the Shade

At Hemp Connex, quality always comes first. Each of our products are made right here in the US with certified organic hemp grown sustainably in beautiful Colorado. To provide a more effective and superior experience, we blend our hemp oil (full of flavorful and beneficial terpenes) with highly refined, organic, rich MCT oil, organic Hemp Seed Oil, and organic essential oils. These ingredients not only increase the effectiveness of our hemp oil, it broadens its range of benefits and increases the bioavilability and delivery of Hemp Extract in the body.

Two People with a Dream
We are the Chandlers

Meet Matt and Courtney Chandler. Two everyday Americans facing the daily challenges of raising a family and striving to live a happy, healthy life.
As health fanatics, the Chandlers saw the immense benefit that Hemp could have on the world, and immediately backed its growth. Hemp Connex started from a dream and now designs and makes innovative all natural products with Hemp Extracts. We strive to help educate the world about the wonderful benefits of Hemp and its many uses.

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At Hemp Connex, we strongly believe that we’re building more than just a business, we’re building a movement. If you’re a hemp fanatic that believes in our cause and wants to get more involved, here’s a bunch of ways to get more involved in our community

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