We are the Chandler Family! We’re loving parents, a little CRAZY, very UNIQUE, and a lot of FUN! We believe in a big GOD and a small government! We are not AGAINST anyone but FOR EVERYONE! We’re health and fitness fans and believe in investing time and energy in your body and your mind! We are committed to making positive change! We LOVE life, serving others, and connecting with people! 


I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. I started my first business in real estate at the age of 19 during the 2008 housing crash. It was a little challenging to say the least but challenging is where opportunity lies if you are an entrepreneur. We ended up specializing and serving in the rising foreclosure and short sale market niche and God blessed us in our business and we were able to grow into multiple cities and a few states. With the success in real estate I started to invest and consult with other businesses and start ups. The real return on investment for me was the skills and knowledge I gained by working with these start ups and companies. I began to see patterns between them and began to notice why some did well and some didn't make it.

Late in 2016 we started working with a CBD company located in the Denver area. I was blown away by all of the heart felt messages and emails the customers would send in about why they used the product and what it did for them. It blew me away to know that something that worked so well for people and made that much of a difference in peoples lives was still not well known by most people due to government laws and regulations.

After my work with the company, personal experience with the product, and its impact on mine and my families lives, we felt this was our calling and mission. We knew it fit perfectly for what we stand for as a family.


I am a momma of two beautiful children Maci (5 yr old) and Cruz(2 Yr old) and a loving wife to an amazing husband. I began my professional life as a hair stylist where I earned a masters in real life psychology and counseling(ongoing joke between me and Matt) I have always been viewed as an active and healthy person due to outward appearance when the truth is on the inside I was messed up pretty bad. Like many people out there today I fell into the trap of routine and convenience losing my connection with food and my body. I got sucked up into the business of being a mom, juggling a career, being a loving wife, connecting with friends, and all the other normal things in life.

I finally reached a breaking point to where I needed help. My body had responded to the stress and poor food habits and I had developed Hashimotos, hypothyroidism, Sibo (Small intestinal infection), candida, acid reflux (which then made me so hypersensitive to so many foods), anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, brain fog. It was horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!

Over the last few years I have been slowly changing things in my diet and lifestyle. These changes seem HUGE to me now looking back but they all started with a few things and LOTS of struggles, determination, and consistency. Through my experience I have seen the HUGE connection between our minds and our bodies. True health and wellness is so much more than just working out and being on a diet. Its a FULL LIFESTYLE CHANGE that is 100% worth every obstacle you fight through to get it. Its not about rules of what you can or cant do, or about the idea of doing something for a period of time to receive results. Its about adapting healthy life long habits that serve your best interest and helping you achieve your goals best. Its not something you do but has to become a part of who you are and what defines you.

About Our Product

We fully believe in the hemp plant and it’s wonderful properties and benefits it has to offer. The unique part of the plants properties is its healing potential for both the body and the mind. Our product falls in full circle with our belief system, helping people establish a mind body connection to achieve the full benefits of health and wellness in their lives. We use it daily and are blown away by its overall benefits and changes it has helped us make.

How Does It Work:

The Hemp Plant is made up of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Below is a brief description of both terms and specific body systems and ailments it can potentially help with.

CANNABINOIDS are the chemical compounds within the cannabis and hemp plant that are reported to relieve many ailments. Cannabinoids resemble endocannabinoids, compounds our bodies naturally produce to balance and control communication between cells known as our endocanabinoid system. We don’t feel this is by accident but rather by design.

TERPENES are the essential oils found in many types of plants and flowers. Much like essential oils they have many different types of flavors, smells, and properties that have a wide variety of health and wellness benefits.

Researchers estimate that there are over 100 or more cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes found in cannabis, each containing unique effects.

What Does it Help:

Some of the big systems in our bodies and ailments hemp has been known to help with are:

1) Nervous System- Aids with Sleep, Anxiety, and Seizures.
2) Digestive System- Promotes a Healthy and Full Functioning Digestive System.
3) Muscular and Skeletar System- Reduces inflammation and promotes bone growth.
4) Endocrine and Immune Systems- Kills or Slows Bacteria Growth and helps regulate blood sugar levels.
5) Circulatory System- Reduces Aerial Blockage and increases blood flow.

Other full body benefits cannabinoids have been known to help is general pain relief and the effect it has on cell growth in tumors and cancer.

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